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How you can help to tackle the climate challenge

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Impact Creator

There are many cases where organic matter and thus carbon is stored for a long time. Ranging from organic insulation to construction material, we verify the best cases.

Impact Supporter

Compensate your footprint by buying the most trustworthy carbon credits on the market. All Verified Carbon Impacts (VCI) are assembled based on carefully curated and verified projects, creating an immediate and lasting effect in fighting climate change while still being affordable at a large scale.


We Must Act Now! Do you want to hear our story and what differentiates us? Do you want to help to accelerate the investment into scientifically proven trading of related carbon credits? Get in touch!

We Must Act Now!

Yes, there has been progress on climate action. No, it’s not nearly enough.

In 2014 the world was on track to heat nearly 4°C by 2100, an outcome widely seen as catastrophic.


Thanks to rapid growth in clean energy, humanity has started to bend the emissions curve. Current policies put us on pace for roughly three degrees Celsius of warming by 2100 — a better result but still devastating.


Many countries have vowed to slash emissions even faster. The world could limit total warming to around 2.1°C to 2.4°C by 2100. 


But even that much warming is disastrous. Drastic action is mandatory to hold global temperature rise to a safer limit of 1.5°C. 


To keep global warming within the limit of 1.5°C, our climate footprint must be dramatically reduced.

For the first time, we bought a carbon offset, understanding what exactly has been done to create it. The documentation attached to the NFT gave us transparent insights into all those great projects.

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We are a group of people passionately working towards a common goal: improving lives worldwide through climate action.

We are a team of highly qualified natural scientists and business economists, humanities and environmental experts, IT developers, communication specialists, and absolute industry experts with many years of experience building disruptive, sustainable, and scalable businesses.


We created the first scalable, fully transparent, and trustworthy form of carbon offsets with our skills. We work hard on bringing impact creators and impact supporters together to fight global warming more effectively.


All of us are convinced that if we want to limit global warming to less than 2°C as agreed in Paris, many more efforts are needed. We’re pushing forward with our idea without compromise and in a sustainable way: to facilitate decarbonization at scale most transparently and efficiently to create trusted carbon credits.

The Founders

We are built to last and inspire people: We are committed to creating products and structures designed to scale indefinitely.

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Our Research and Project Partners​​

LUCRAT has undertaken numerous collaborations with scientific partners to better understand biochar’s functionalities and modes of action as part of its business activity. LUCRAT is a 100% subsidiary of BELOW2.


Whether you’re curious about our product, how to become an impact creator or even press, we’re here to answer any questions.