Distributors And Market Places

Our Verified Carbon Impacts (VCIs) are on-chain carbon credits, tradeable on existing market places.

We believe in partnerships to drive change

BELOW2 Provides High-Quality Carbon Credits – Transparent, Traceable, and Unalterable.

BELOW2 provides a data-driven verification platform for offsetting projects, generating high-quality Carbon Credits, which resolves the supply-side bottleneck of the market through an easy, efficient and convenient verification process for project developers.

On the demand side, buyers of carbon credits de-risk their investments – tokenized and fully transparent for all stakeholders. In doing that, we help companies to avoid greenwashing claims.

As a result, investments in necessary innovations in Green and CleanTech will be accelerated significantly.

Our VCI Tokens are based on standard protocols using Polygon as chain

Our goal is to create the foundation for all CO2 marketplaces: A smart contract that generates tradable, non-fungible tokens (NFT) based on the ERC-1155 protocol helping to verify carbon removal projects. Each token is minted only when our VAP has approved a specific project. The token is tagged with a series of hashes that create a non-erasable record stored on the interplanetary file system (IPFS) during the minting process. The data is stored forever and cannot be changed by anyone – including BELOW2. Other marketplaces can verify our token data and decide if the verification is sufficient.

With minting the tradable NFT, all therein used VCI-A and VCI-S NFTs will be burned (retired) on the Blockchain and made unusable for further NFTs. This procedure ensures that each project is only used once, which can be checked on the Blockchain (a retired token is still visible and can be verified using, e.g., etherscan).

We use the Proof of Stake (PoS) technologies provided by Polygon’s side-chains and also offset the CO2 that might be emitted whenever we touch the Ethereum blockchain.