Our avoidance and removal Projects

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Our approach to traceable and transparent projects

Verification Automation Platform (VAP)

BELOW2 Inc. provides a high-quality verification standard for CO2 offsets. It is based on an automated, data-driven system that makes the verification and creation of CO2 offsets easier, more efficient, and 100% transparent for all stakeholders. We integrate first and third-party data to determine the quantity of carbon credits.

Our Methodology

We evaluate the project’s existence, the type of project, and the specific case of either carbon avoidance or carbon removal. Designing a framework for the activities that can be potentially verified is mandatory. We closely use the principles provided in the ISO 14060 family of documents to quantify, monitor, report, and/or validate and verify emissions. This helps in increasing transparency and the quality of the carbon credit. Various time frames, primary and secondary data, and site-specific data are discussed and categorized accordingly.

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Project Type Examples

VCI-A Avoidance

Country: Germany, Lower Saxony

Project Owner: Hüser Energie GmbH

Type of Project: Carbon avoidance through local heating grids

Verification as laid out in the documentation.


VCI-S-50 Removal

Country: Costa Rica

Project Owner: Humidales Lancaster

Type of Project: Permanent storage of carbon through reforestation

Verification as laid out in the documentation.

VCI-S-1000 Removal

Country: Germany, Lower Saxony

Project Owner: Dieckmann Energie GmbH & Co. KG

Type of Project: Soil Incorporation of Biochar

Verification as laid out in the documentation.